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Table 2 Results of univariable and multivariable Cox regression in discovery cohort with clinically apparent inflammatory arthritis as outcome

From: A search to the target tissue in which RA-specific inflammation starts: a detailed MRI study to improve identification of RA-specific features in the phase of clinically suspect arthralgia

 UnivariableFinal model after backward selection
Number of locations with subclinical inflammation
 0 locations (negative MRI)RefRef
 1 or 2 locations3.14 (1.40–7.04)2.54 (1.11–5.82)
 3 or more locations6.28 (2.77–14.2)3.75 (1.49–9.48)
 Severe subclinical inflammation*3.34 (1.48–7.54)
 MCP-extensor peritendinitis7.85 (3.91–15.8)4.38 (2.07–9.25)
 Combination of inflammatory lesion in wrist and MTPs2.19 (1.15–4.16)
 PCA component 10.92 (0.88–0.96)
 PCA component 20.93 (0.83–1.04)
  1. MCP metacarpophalangeal, MTP metatarsophalangeal, n number of patients
  2. *Severe subclinical inflammation: inflammation that is 2 RAMRIS points above the 95th percentile of inflammation observed in healthy volunteers in the same age category as published previously [13]. Further explanation in Additional file 1