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Table 2 Key numbers of registers participating in the EuNeP project

From: European Network of Pregnancy Registers in Rheumatology (EuNeP)—an overview of procedures and data collection

 EGR2 (FR)RePreg (CH)RevNatus* (NO)Rhekiss (DE)
Database closed on17 February 201901 February 201918 February 201903 January 2019
Enrolments (total)130414010371174
 Thereof in child wish module20461500356
 Thereof in pregnancy module109171537818
 Thereof in postpartal module0800
 Thereof unknown9000
Observed pregnancies117783704976
 Thereof completed84367645689
Participating units70511797
  1. *Only patients enrolled since March 2016 in the IT-based system are considered for the analyses