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Table 3 Baseline factors associated with infliximab dose escalation (n = 5174 initiators)

From: Will savings from biosimilars offset increased costs related to dose escalation? A comparison of infliximab and golimumab for rheumatoid arthritis

FactorAdjusted* odds ratio (95% CI)
Physician ownership of infusion practice1.25 (1.09–1.44)
Patient age (5 year increments)0.93 (0.89–0.96)
Male sex1.20 (1.04–1.40)
Chronic pulmonary disease0.84 (0.74–0.95)
Disability0.84 (0.72–0.98)
Dual eligibility0.79 (0.66–0.94)
  1. *Also adjusted for race, use of other conventional synthetic DMARDs, use of oral glucocorticoid, NSAIDs, opioids, statins, anti-hypertensive medications, lipid lowering medications, anti-depressants, and breast cancer screening, none of which were significant