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Table 2 Between-person Pearson correlations between standardized time-integrated (AUC) disease activity and radiological progression (from previous time point) for each time interval

From: Radiographic progression can still occur in individual patients with low or moderate disease activity in the current treat-to-target paradigm: real-world data from the Dutch Rheumatoid Arthritis Monitoring (DREAM) registry

 Baseline–6 months6 months–1 year1–2 years2–3 years
DAS28-ESR0.060 (n = 192)0.170* (n = 164)0.109 (n = 150)0.209* (n = 146)
CRP0.042 (n = 192)0.137 (n = 166)0.178* (n = 150)0.275** (n = 147)
  1. *P < 0.05; **P < 0.01. n = number of patients with an available time-integrated disease activity score and a radiographic progression score in the time interval