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Fig. 1

From: Long non-coding XIST raises methylation of TIMP-3 promoter to regulate collagen degradation in osteoarthritic chondrocytes after tibial plateau fracture

Fig. 1

High expression of lncRNA XIST in cartilage tissue of OA. a The heatmap of GSE51588 dataset, the horizontal coordinate refers to the sample number, the vertical coordinate refers to the differentially expressed gene, the upper right histogram represents the color gradation, and each rectangle in the diagram corresponds to the expression value of a sample. b The expression of lncRNA XIST in normal cartilage tissues and OA cartilage tissues after tibial plateau fracture determined by RT-qPCR; *p < 0.05 vs. the normal cartilage tissues; the measurement data were expressed as the mean ± standard deviation, which were analyzed by the independent sample t test; OA cartilage tissue (n = 15); normal cartilage tissue (n = 7)

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