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Table 4 The frequency of HBV reactivation for 4 years according to the positivity of HBs/HBc antibody in RA patients with resolved infection

From: Risk stratification and clinical course of hepatitis B virus reactivation in rheumatoid arthritis patients with resolved infection: final report of a multicenter prospective observational study at Japanese Red Cross Hospital

 HBc Ab (+)/HBs Ab (+)HBc Ab (+)/HBs Ab (−)HBc Ab (−)/HBs Ab (+)Total
Reactivated cases32 (4.07%)24 (11.01%)1 (0.81%)57 (5.05%)
Cases with HBV DNA ≥ 2.1 log copies/mL6 (0.76%)8 (3.67%)1 (0.81%)15 (1.33%)
  1. Abbreviations: HBV DNA hepatitis B virus DNA, HBs Ab anti-hepatitis B virus surface antibody, HBc Ab anti-hepatitis B virus core antibody