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Fig. 2

From: Contribution of adipocyte precursors in the phenotypic specificity of intra-articular adipose tissues in knee osteoarthritis patients

Fig. 2

Molecular characterization of preadipocytes isolated from IAAT and SCAT. af Relative mRNA expression of SFRP2 (a), EN-1 (b), MCP1 (c), IL-6 (d), IL-8 (e), and Cox2 (f) in IFP and SPFP preadipocytes compared to the corresponding SCAT preadipocytes from OA patients (n = 12–15). The relative mRNA expression was normalized to that of 18S RNA. gi The release of IL-6 (g), IL-8 (h), and PGE2 (i) by preadipocytes isolated from IFPs, SPFPs, and SCATs (n = 13). Bars indicate the mean expression levels

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