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Table 1 JIA-study population in the Canadian ReACCh-Out and the Nordic JIA cohort

From: Validation of prediction models of severe disease course and non-achievement of remission in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: part 1—results of the Canadian model in the Nordic cohort

CharacteristicsCanadian development cohortNordic validation cohort
Study designProspective multicenterProspective multicenter
Patient recruitment periodaJanuary 2005–December 2010January 1997–June 2000
Total participants, n1497500
Time from onset to baseline study visit, monthsb5.8 (3.0–11.0)7.0 (6.0–8.0)
Time from onset to outcome assessment, monthsb49 (38–59)c98 (95–102)
Participants in the current study, n609440
Inclusion criteria6 of 8 study visitsdBaseline and 8-year study visit
Main outcomeSevere disease courseNon-achievement of remission
  1. aNewly diagnosed JIA patients
  2. bMedian interquartile range (IQR)
  3. cSevere disease course outcome was assessed over time, not at a single point
  4. dAdditionally, at least one value available for each of the five patient-relevant variables