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Fig. 5

From: Unique primed status of microglia under the systemic autoimmune condition of lupus-prone mice

Fig. 5

RNA-seq analysis of microglia from FcγRIIB−/−Yaa mice. a Visualized images of GO enrichment analysis. Top 100 GO terms enriched in upregulated or downregulated genes in microglia from FcγRIIB−/−Yaa mice were analyzed with CateGOrizer. be Heat map of mRNA expressions in microglia from FcγRIIB−/−Yaa mice relative to FcγRIIB+/+ mice were measured by RNA-seq. Relative FPKM values of FcγRIIB−/−Yaa mice compared with FcγRIIB+/+ mice are expressed as colored columns. Results are of pooled samples from three groups of 5 to 8 mice each analyzed individually. b IFN response genes. c Sensome genes. d Inflammation-related genes. e Homeostasis-related genes. f Genes related to M1 polarization and M2 polarization. g Cytokines and chemokines. In bg, genes with log2 fold changes greater than four are shown with maximum color. NaN = transcripts of FcγRIIB−/−Yaa and FcγRIIB+/+ were not detected. -inf = transcripts of FcγRIIB−/−Yaa were not detected. Inf = transcripts of FcγRIIB+/+ were not detected. * = differentially expressed genes

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