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Table 4 The financial cost (AUD$) associated with healthcare utilization in SSc by DU status

From: Digital ulcers in systemic sclerosis: their epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and associated clinical and economic burden

Characteristics per patientDU
Mean ± SD, median (IQR 25th–75th)
Mean ± SD, median (IQR 25th–75th)
p value
Total healthcare cost*
 Total cost per patient (2008–2015)46,364 (24,561–92,582)33,890 (15,987–66,905)< 0.001
 Median annual cost per patient7854 (5596–11,404)7060 (4968–9893)0.001
Hospitalization cost
 Total admission cost per patient (2008–2015)23,888 (7413–71,434)13,535 (1846–43,797)< 0.001
 Median annual admission cost per patient4107 (2654–6621)3439 (2172–5374)0.001
ED presentation
 Total ED cost per patient (2008–2015)822 (0–2137)449 (0–1594)0.001
 Median ED cost per patient449 (0–872)421 (0–720)0.001
 Total MBS cost per patient (2008–2015)16,839 (10,302–25,689)16,395 (9786–24,619)0.34
 Median annual MBS cost per patient2509 (1621–3786)2444 (1511–3770)0.25
Total Medication cost
 Total medication cost per patient (2008–2015)1273 (662–14,609)1126 (553–17,940)0.79
  1. Abbreviations: DU digital ulceration, MBS medicare benefits schedule, ED emergency department, CCB calcium channel blockers, ERAs endothelial receptor antagonists, PDE5 Sphosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE5)
  2. *Medication cost not included in total healthcare cost