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Fig. 3

From: Integrated systems analysis of salivary gland transcriptomics reveals key molecular networks in Sjögren’s syndrome

Fig. 3

Identification of SjS subgroups according to pathway-driven enrichment profiles. a Heatmaps and hierarchical clustering of gene set enrichment scores by pathways and cell subsets. A matrix of pathway-driven enrichment score was clustered by agglomerative hierarchical clustering and a heatmap of cell subset-driven enrichment scores was matched side-by-side. The histopathological grades for ten samples are tagged on top of the heatmap. b t-SNE reduces the dimensions of a multivariate dataset. Each data point is assigned a location in a two-dimensional map to illustrate potential clusters of neighboring samples, which contain similar pathway activity patterns. aDC, activated dendritic cells; cm, cytotoxic memory; em, effector memory; iDC, immature dendritic cells; pDC, plasmocytoid dendritic cells

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