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Fig. 6

From: Integrated systems analysis of salivary gland transcriptomics reveals key molecular networks in Sjögren’s syndrome

Fig. 6

Key driver analysis. a Probabilistic causal gene network projection and key driver analysis identifies causal regulators of the core SjS subnetwork. Key driver genes (KDGs) and their neighbors are distinguished by color. b Fold change and false discovery rate of the differentially expressed KDGs. c Expression levels of the KDGs by cluster classification. Expression levels of all KDGs (P < 0.001) except for PRKCQ (P = 0.058) were significantly different between the two clusters by t test. d Expression levels of the KDGs by the histopathological scores. Samples were categorized as early (1 focus), moderate (2–3 foci), and advanced (diffuse infiltration with partial destruction of acinar tissue) by their histopathology

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