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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of postmenopausal women included in the knee OA study with the localization of OA, if present at other sites than the knee

From: Association of circulating microRNAs with prevalent and incident knee osteoarthritis in women: the OFELY study

  Quantitative real-time PCR
Prevalent OAIncident OA
ControlKnee OAp valueControlKnee OAp value
Number of subjects 4243 2523 
Age (years, mean ± SD) 68.3 ± 6.668.3 ± 6.60.7767.7 ± 7.268.4 ± 8.00.72
BMI (kg/m2) 25.9 ± 4.426.6 ± 4.40.3826.2 ± 5.225.2 ± 4.00.73
Knee OAKL score at baseline02/3 00/1 
KL score at the end of the follow-up0/12/3/4 02/3 
OA at other sitesHip (Lane score)250.25550.88
Hand (ACR criteria)23250.751170.33
Spine (self-reported)34370.6720210.19