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Table 1 Exclusion criteria for the candidate key performance indicators for the modified Delphi panel

From: A Canadian evaluation framework for quality improvement in childhood arthritis: key performance indicators of the process of care

1. Indicator covers a low priority area*
2. Indicator estimation too complex (i.e., unlikely to be feasible to measure)
3. Indicator similar to existing AAC System-Level Performance Measure, suggested we use AAC measure
4. Indicator covers a concept addressed in other measures but is less clearly defined than included measure
5. Indicator specific to nursing (highly specific to nurse-led models of care)
6. Indicator covers a similar concept covered in an already-included measure
7. Indicator specific to physiotherapy (not clearly pediatric rheumatology care)
8. Indicator does not align with current JIA guidelines
9. Indicator does not meet Canadian benchmarks+
10. Indicator is not under the control of pediatric rheumatologists (i.e., depends on other health care specialist or provider)
  1. AAC Arthritis Alliance of Canada
  2. *Low priority areas were determined by the working group members
  3. +Benchmarks based on the Canadian Rheumatology association wait time benchmarks for arthritis care [18]