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Table 3 Short-term stability of samples. Stability of prepared samples stored in autosampler (10 °C), and stability of patient samples at RT and following repeated freeze-thawing

From: Measurement of hydroxychloroquine in blood from SLE patients using LC-HRMS—evaluation of whole blood, plasma, and serum as sample matrices

 QCL (25 ng/mL) (n = 5)QCH (4556.3 ng/mL) (n = 5)Patient samples (n = 7)
Autosampler, 48 h5.23.84.0− 2.5
Autosampler, 72 h7.813.74.3− 2.5
Room temp., 4 h4.15.0
Freeze-thaw, 4 cycles2.5− 0.2
  1. Bias% percent difference from nominal conc., Diff% average percent difference, measured conc. after storage subtracted from conc. prior