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Table 7 Evaluation of alternative protocols for HCQ levels in serum. Seven patient serum samples were prepared with the present method as well as the two alternative methods on two occasions. All methods showed high reproducibility for the measurement of HCQ in QC samples, but no method showed improved reproducibility for patient samples

From: Measurement of hydroxychloroquine in blood from SLE patients using LC-HRMS—evaluation of whole blood, plasma, and serum as sample matrices

MethodAlt. Method 1a CV%Alt. Method 2b CV%Current method CV%
Samples (n = 7)161715
QCL (n = 5)234
QCH (n = 5)344
  1. aBased on the method by Mok et al. [20], using acetonitrile for precipitation
  2. bBased on the method by Soichot et al. [24], using methanol for precipitation