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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Neutrophil FcγRIIA availability is associated with disease activity in systemic lupus erythematosus

CohortSLE highSLE lowHC
Individuals, no.9292100
Age (median, range)42 (14–73)44 (19–81)49 (16–81)
Disease duration (median, range)4 (0–40)8 (0–43)N/A
Gender (% female)898985
Ethnicity (% white)909090
SLEDAI (median, range)8 (2–28)2 (0–12)N/A
Active nephritis1 (%)311N/A
Nephritis ever (%)4343N/A
class I (%)00N/A
class II (%)00N/A
class III (%)66N/A
class IV (%)7676N/A
class V (%)1818N/A
Anti-C1q antibodies current (%)2724N/A
Immunosuppressive treatment (%)4050N/A
 Azathioprine (%)2525N/A
 CellCept (%)1817N/A
 Methotrexate (%)20N/A
 Rituximab (%)00N/A
 Cyclosporine (%)99N/A
Prednisone treatment (%)6868N/A
Prednisone dose (median, range)10 (0–40)10 (0–40)N/A
Hydroxychloroquine (%)3037N/A
  1. 1Defined as new onset of urinary casts, hematuria, pyuria and/or proteinuria according to SLEDAI-2 K [11]