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Table 2 Specific types of cancers in the cancer cohort

From: The relationship between cancer and medication exposure in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: a nested case-control study

Sites and typesN (%)
Hematological cancer
 Leukemia2 (3.92%)
 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma2 (3.92%)
Non-hematological cancer
 Reproductive system
  Cervical cancer10 (19.61%)
  Vulvar cancer2 (3.92%)
  Uterus cancer1 (1.96%)
 Non-reproductive system
  Thyroid cancer14 (27.45%)
  Lung cancer7 (13.73%)
  Gastric carcinoma3 (5.89%)
  Rectal carcinoma2 (3.92%)
  Hepatic carcinoma1 (1.96%)
  Appendix cancer1 (1.96%)
  Bile duct cancer1 (1.96%)
  Pancreatic cancer1 (1.96%)
  Renal cell cancer2 (3.92%)
  Breast cancer2 (3.92%)