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Table 1 Patient characteristics gout cohort

From: Neutrophil activation identifies patients with active polyarticular gout

CharacteristicsGout cohort (N = 75)Control group (N = 30)
Gender (N, % male)68 (89.5%)14 (46.7%)
Age in years (mean, SD)58 (± 11.7)49 (± 15.2)
Disease duration in years (median, IQR)4 [2–10]N.A.
Mono-articular gout (N, %)22 (29%)N.A.
Poly-articular gout (N, %)53 (71%)N.A.
Subcutaneous tophi (N, %)22 (29%)N.A.
VAS pain (median, IQR)11 [1–45]N.A.
VAS disease activity (median, IQR)19 [1–48.5]N.A.
RAPID score total (median, IQR)4.3 [1.8–6.0]N.A.
Urate lowering therapy (N, %)49 (66%)N.A.
Smoking, yes (N, %)13 (17.1%)5 (17%)
BMI (mean, SD)30.4 (± 4.9)24.1 (± 3.2)
Serum urate (mmol/L) (mean, SD)0.42 (± 0.09)N.D.
BSE [median, IQR]7 [4.5–10.5]N.D.
CRP [median, IQR]2.2 [1.1–3.7]N.D.
Creatinine (mean, SD)98.6 (28.3)N.D.
ALAT (mean, SD)37.5 (18.8)N.D.
  1. N.A. not applicable, N.D. not determined