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Table 1 Summary of meniscal and ligament changes in two murine models of knee osteoarthritis. Maximum OA grades reported for Str/ort mice based on the OARSI grading system, to group these changes according to the severity of OA in a model that shows variability

From: Meniscal and ligament modifications in spontaneous and post-traumatic mouse models of osteoarthritis

  Spontaneous OA (Str/ort mouse) Surgical model (DMM)
OA grade 26 weeks, 2.57 ± 1.1
40 weeks, 3.62 ± 1.5
3.61 ± 0.3
Meniscal osteophyte formation at tip Grade 3–5 Yes
Outer part chondrogenesis Grade 3–4 Yes
Outer part ossification Grade 3–5 Yes
Hypertophy of attachment Grade 4–6 Yes
Erosion Grade 6 Yes (grade 6)
Ligaments (cruciates, collaterals)
Strong ECM staining Grade 3–6 Yes
Cell hypertrophy Grade 3–6 Yes
Cell clustering Grade 4–6 Yes
Loss of alignment Grade 4–6 Yes
Ossification Grade 4–6 Yes