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Table 2 Overview of A20-related mouse models

From: A20: a master regulator of arthritis

Genotype Domain Alteration Phenotype References
A20−/− Full knock out Full knock out Severe inflammation, cachexia, and premature deaths Lee at al. 2000 [104]
A20myel-KO Myeloid-specific Exon IV and V Chronic inflammation in ankles, tibiotalar joints and tarsal joints, massive cartilage and bone destruction Mammati et al. 2011 [21]
A20mZnF7/mZnF7 ZnF7 C764A/C767A Inflammatory arthritis with splenomegaly, symmetrical swelling joints Polykratis et al. 2019 [29]
A20ZF7-CC ZnF7 C764A/C767A Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis Razani et al. 2020 [28]
A20ZF4ZF7 ZnF4 and ZnF7 C609A/C612A Perinatal lethality, multiorgan inflammation, tissue damage Razani et al. 2020 [28]
A20ZF4ZF7 ZnF4 and ZnF7 C609A/C612A Polyarthritis-like manifestations Razani et al. 2020 [28]
Myeloid-specific C764A/C767A
Tnfaip3OTU OTU C103A Splenomegaly, ↑IL-1 in response to oral dextran sulfate sodium, ↑IL-6, ↑NF-κB signaling Lu et al. 2013 [13]
Tnfaip3ZF4 ZnF4 C609A/C613A Lu et al. 2013 [13]
A20C103A OTU C103A Grossly normal without inflammation De et al. 2014 [15]
Tnfaip3otu/otu OTU C103A Sensitive to TNF, LPS, ↑MOG-EAE Wertz et al. 2015 [23]
Tnfaip3z4Cys/z4Cys ZnF4 C609A/C612A Sensitive to TNF, ↑MOG-EAE Wertz et al. 2015 [23]
Tnfaip3z4Ub/z4Ub ZnF4 Y599A/F600A Sensitive to TNF Wertz et al. 2015 [23]
Tnfaip31325N OTU I325N Mild inflammation in pancreatic islets Zammit et al. 2019 [105]
Tnfaip3C243Y OTU C243Y Spontaneous inflammatory pathology Zammit et al. 2019 [105]
Tnfaip31207L OTU T108A/I207L Healthy Zammit et al. 2019 [105]
A20F B cell-specific Exon IV and V ↑IL-6, ↑B cell proliferation Chu et al. 2011 [106]
Chronic inflammation in younger mice and autoimmune syndrome in older mice
A20GFP CD4 T cell-specific Exon IV and V No spontaneous phenotype Drennan et al. 2016 [107]
↓invariant NKT cells
DC ACT CD11c-specific   ↑inflammatory mediators in kidney Lu et al. 2019 [108]
  1. OTU ovarian tumor, MOG-EAE myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein-induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, DC ACT Cd11c-Cre+A20flox/wt.