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Table 2 Clinical features of SSc patients undergoing skin biopsy

From: Ultrasound assessment of skin thickness and stiffness: the correlation with histology and clinical score in systemic sclerosis

Features N = 13
Gender (female/male) 7/6
Age (IQR), years 55 (51–57)
Disease subtype (dcSSc/lcSSc) 9/4
Disease durationa (IQR), years 2 (0.8–5)
Local mRSSb (0/1/2/3) 3/4/3/3
Total mRSSc (IQR) 19 (7–24)
Antibody positivity (ATA/ACA/ARA) 6/2/0
  1. SSc systemic sclerosis, dcSSc diffuse cutaneous SSc, lcSSc limited cutaneous SSc, mRSS modified Rodnan skin score, IQR interquartile range, ATA anti-topoisomerase I antibody, ACA anti-centromere antibody, ARA anti-RNA polymerase III antibody
  2. aDisease duration was calculated from the onset of the first non-Raynaud’s phenomenon
  3. bLocal mRSS referred to the mRSS in the biopsy region (unilateral forearm)
  4. cTotal mRSS referred to the total mRSS assessed at 17 body sites