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Table 2 Disease risk perception and ethical aspects regarding cohort participation based on visual analog scale

From: Patients’ and rheumatologists’ perceptions on preventive intervention in rheumatoid arthritis and axial spondyloarthritis

  RA-risk cohort SpA-risk cohort
Q8 The thought of developing RA/SpA preoccupies me 4 (2–6) 3 (1–5)
Q9 I am certain that I will develop RA/SpA 3 (1–5) 3 (1–5)
Q10 RA/SpA is a severe disease 6.5 (5–8) 6 (4–8)
Q11 I am worried that I have an increased risk of developing RA/SpA 5 (2–6) 3 (1–5)
Q12 By participating in this research, I feel that I am extra confronted with the fact that I have an increased risk to develop RA/SpA 2 (1–5) 1.5 (1–4)
Q13 How objectionable is it for you to be extra confronted with the risk to develop RA/SpA by participation in this cohort? 1 (0–2) 1 (0–1)
Q14 By participating in this research there is more attention for my complaints 6 (2–8) 4.5 (1–5.25)
Q15 I think that by participating in this study I will receive earlier and better medical care upon RA/SpA development than if I did not participate in this study 7 (5–8) 7.5 (6–9)
  1. Numbers are median (IQR)
  2. VAS visual analog scale from 0 (totally disagree) to 10 (totally agree), RA rheumatoid arthritis, SpA spondyloarthritis