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Table 1 Variables generated by Croft scoring and the OARSI atlas, with additional derived variables

From: Increased development of radiographic hip osteoarthritis in individuals with high bone mass: a prospective cohort study

Variable Grading Variable used in the analysis
Osteoarthritis (Croft score) 0–5 Progressive OA: Croft score > 3 at baseline and an increase in score at follow-up
Incident OA: Croft score < 3 at baseline and > 3 at follow-up
Osteophytes Change in osteophyte score: sum of all semi-quantitative osteophyte grades at follow-up minus their sum at baseline
Superior femoral 0–3
inferior femoral 0–3
Superior acetabular 0–3
inferior acetabular 0, 1
JSN Change in JSN score: sum of both superior and medial semi-quantitative JSN grades at follow-up minus this sum at baseline
Superior 0–3
Medial 0–3
  1. Abbreviations: OARSI Osteoarthritis Research Society International, JSN joint space narrowing, mJSW medial minimal joint space width