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Table 2 LncRNAs involved in osteoclast generation

From: Noncoding RNAs in subchondral bone osteoclast function and their therapeutic potential for osteoarthritis

lncRNAs Species Up/down Overall impact Targets Steps impacted References
LncRNA-Jak3 RAW264.7 Up Positive NFATc1 Osteoclast differentiation [39]
LncRNA-LINC00311 Rat osteoclasts ND Positive DLL3 Induces proliferation and inhibits apoptosis of osteoclasts [40]
LncRNA-AK131850 Mouse osteoclasts Up Positive miR-93-5p Promotes vasculogenesis of endothelial progenitor cells [41]
LncRNA-TUG1 BMMs Up Positive ND Promotes the proliferation and inhibits the apoptosis of osteoclasts [42]
LncRNA-AK077216 RAW264.7; BMMs Up Positive NFATc1 Promotes osteoclast differentiation and enhances osteoclast bone resorption [43]
LncRNA-CRNDE Human osteoclasts Up Positive ND Promotes osteoclast proliferation [44]
LncRNA- DANCR hOCPs; RAW264.7 Up Positive FOXO1 Promotes osteoclastic differentiation [45]
LncRNA RP11-498C9.17 PBMs Down ND ND Controls osteoclastogenesis. [46]
LncRNA -MIRG RAW264.7 Up Positive miR-1897 Promotes osteoclastic differentiation [47]