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Table 2 Predictors of abatacept discontinuation. Cox regression analysis

From: Abatacept in rheumatoid arthritis: survival on drug, clinical outcomes, and their predictors—data from a large national quality register

 Unadjusted analysis
HR (95% CI)
Multivariate analysis—final model
HR (95% CI)
 Male0.85 (0.75–0.96)0.86 (0.74–0.98)
No of previous bDMARDs
 ≥ 2 bDMARDsReference (1.0)*
 Bionaïve0.78 (0.68–0.90)*
 1 bDMARD0.94 (0.84–1.05)*
Baseline clinical characteristics
 DAS28-CRP (per SD)1.11 (1.04–1.17)*
 VAS pain (per SD)1.14 (1.08–1.21)1.14 (1.07–1.20)
 Current Methotrexate0.86 (0.78–0.96)0.85 (0.76–0.95)
 HAQ-DI (per SD)1.10 (1.04–1.17)*
 Age (per SD)0.99 (0.94–1.04)*
 Disease duration (per SD)0.98 (0.93–1.03)*
 Current glucocorticoids1.08 (0.98–1.19)*
 Current csDMARD0.93 (0.85–1.03)*
 i.v. abatacept administration1.02 (0.92–1.12)*
  1. *Not included in the final model. The first multivariate model in the stepwise analysis included sex, bDMARD exposure, DAS28-CRP, VAS pain, methotrexate at baseline, HAQ-DI, glucocorticoids at baseline. Multivariate model includes 1768 patients