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Table 2 Examining visit- and lab-defined retention in care thresholds in SLE cases with and without nephritis (n = 397)

From: Investigating lupus retention in care to inform interventions for disparities reduction: an observational cohort study

 All SLELupus nephritisp
n = 397n = 145
Visit definitions
 Rh visits≥ 1/year33183120830.802
 *Rh visits≥ 2/year2386096660.054
 Rh visits≥ 4/year79204632< 0.001
Lab definitions
 C3/C4≥ 1/year1844678540.024
 *C3/C4≥ 2/year1062749340.015
 C3/C4≥ 4/year3082014< 0.001
 CBC≥ 1/year2135490620.011
 CBC≥ 2/year1594072500.001
 CBC≥ 4/year932352360.003
 Creatinine≥ 1/year2115389610.013
 Creatinine≥ 2/year1634174510.002
 Creatinine≥ 4/year92234934< 0.001
 dsDNA≥ 1/year1493867460.007
 dsDNA≥ 2/year771939270.004
 dsDNA≥ 4/year1851280.007
  1. Abbreviations: Rh rheumatology MD, DO, NP, PA, or fellow; C3/C4 complement component 3 or 4 lab tests which were each independently assessed yielding identical results that are shown together; CBC complete blood counts; dsDNA double-stranded DNA antibody test
  2. *Final models used two visits and at least two labs per year consistent with WHO/CDC HIV definitions and ACR SLE guidelines