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Table 2 Peficitinib treatment exposure and changes in peficitinib dose during the overall period (SAF)

From: Safety and effectiveness of peficitinib (ASP015K) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: interim data (22.7 months mean peficitinib treatment) from a long-term, open-label extension study in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan

 Total (N = 843)
Duration of peficitinib exposure, months1
 Mean (SD)22.7 (17.4)
Duration of initial peficitinib dose, months2
 Mean (SD)12.1 (11.7)
Treatment compliance rate (%)3
 Mean (SD)97.0 (3.5)
Dose increase, n (%)
 No489 (58.0)
 Yes354 (42.0)
  1 dose increase285 (33.8)
  2 dose increases63 (7.5)
  ≥ 3 dose increases6 (0.7)
Dose decrease, n (%)
 No802 (95.1)
 Yes41 (4.9)
  1 dose decrease38 (4.5)
  2 dose decreases3 (0.4)
  ≥ 3 dose decreases0
Maximum peficitinib dose, n (%)
 50 mg39 (4.6)
 100 mg561 (66.5)
 150 mg243 (28.8)
  1. 1Duration of exposure for overall period (days) was calculated as: date of the last dose of study drug – date of initial dose of study drug + 1
  2. 2Duration from first peficitinib taken (50 mg for patients from RAJ1, 100 mg for patients from RAJ3 and RAJ4) up to first dose change was calculated
  3. 3Treatment compliance for overall period (%) was calculated as: 100 × (total number of tablets actually received in the overall period/total number of tablets planned to receive in the overall period)
  4. SAF safety analysis set, SD standard deviation