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Table 3 Overview of treatment-emergent adverse events (TEAEs) in the overall period (SAF)

From: Safety and effectiveness of peficitinib (ASP015K) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: interim data (22.7 months mean peficitinib treatment) from a long-term, open-label extension study in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan

 Total (N = 843)
n (%)
All TEAEs757 (89.8)
Drug-related1 TEAEs586 (69.5)
Drug-related1 SAEs76 (9.0)
≥ Grade 3 TEAE2189 (22.4)
TEAEs leading to permanent discontinuation of study drug
 All87 (10.3)
 Drug-related155 (6.5)
 SAEs50 (5.9)
 Drug-related1 SAEs30 (3.6)
  1. Treatment-emergent adverse events were defined as any AE that started or worsened in severity after initial dose of study drug in the extension study until the end of the final observation
  2. 1Possibly or probably related to study drug, as assessed by the investigator or records where relationship was missing
  3. 2National Cancer Institute Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (NCI-CTCAE): grade 3, severe or medically significant; grade 4, life-threatening; grade 5, death related to AE
  4. AE adverse event, SAE serious adverse event, SAF safety analysis set