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Table 2 Summary of the characteristics of 19 patients with SSc and GI manifestations

From: Detecting gastrointestinal manifestations in patients with systemic sclerosis using anti-gAChR antibodies

Patient no. (years, sex)SSc duration, yearsAnti-gAChR AbsLevels of anti-gAChR Abs a, α3/β4Other AbsComplicationsType of SScClinical features (RP, DU, RC, IP, PH)GI manifestation
(GERD, PI, C, D, and other symptoms b)
1 (76, F)3Positive (α3)3.607 (+)/0.212 (−)Scl-70RADiffuseRP, DU, IPC, D
2 (57, F)4Positive (α3, β4)2.694 (+)/1.766 (+)ACA LimitedRPGERD
3 (64, F)12Positive (α3)1.200 (+)/0.516 (−)RNPSSDiffuseRP, PHGERD
4 (63, M)0Positive (α3)1.025 (+)/0.838 (−)(Negative)PMDiffuseRP, RC, IPGERD, appetite loss, nausea/vomiting, early satiety, PI, C
5 (57, F)3Negative0.420 (−)/0.248 (−)ACASS, PBCLimitedRPGERD, C
6 (75, F)2Negative0.431 (−)/0.272 (−)Scl-70SSDiffuseRP, DU, RC, IPAppetite loss
7 (64, F)0Negative0.817 (−)/0.482 (−)ACAChronic thyroiditisLimitedRP, IPGERD
8 (63, F)26Negative0.368 (−)/0.207 (−)ARS LimitedRP, IPAppetite loss, C
9 (61, F)22Negative0.499 (−)/0.582 (−)Scl-70 DiffuseRP, DU, IPGERD, appetite loss, C
10 (63, F)18Negative0.354 (−)/0.209 (−)Scl-70GPA, RADiffuseRP, IPGERD, appetite loss, nausea/vomiting, C
11 (49, F)10Negative0.306 (−)/0.325 (−)ACASSLimitedRPGERD, appetite loss
12 (66, F)4Negative0.309 (−)/0.242 (−)ACA LimitedRPC
13 (44, F)7Negative0.350 (−)/0.255 (−)Scl-70Chronic thyroiditisDiffuseRP, DUGERD
14 (68, F)3Negative0.271 (−)/0.277 (−)ACA LimitedRPGERD
15 (66, F)10Negative0.436 (−)/0.420 (−)Scl-70 DiffuseRP, DU, IPGERD, appetite loss
16 (63, F)2Negative0.416 (−)/0.253 (−)ACA LimitedRPAppetite loss, nausea/vomiting, early satiety, C
17 (69, F)6Negative0.540 (−)/0.355 (−)(Negative) LimitedRP, DU, PHGERD
18 (51, F)2Negative0.334 (−)/0.336 (−)ACAChronic thyroiditisLimitedRPGERD, C
19 (60, F)2Negative0.271 (−)/0.253 (−)(Negative) DiffuseRPGERD, appetite loss, nausea/ vomiting, early satiety, C
  1. Abbreviations: Abs autoantibodies, ACA anti-centromere antibodies, ARS anti-aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase antibodies, C constipation, D diarrhea, DU digital ulcers, F female, gAChR ganglionic acetylcholine receptor, GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease, GI gastrointestinal, GPA granulomatosis with polyangiitis, IP interstitial pneumonitis, M male, PBC primary biliary cirrhosis, PH pulmonary hypertension, PI paralytic ileus, PM polymyositis, RA rheumatoid arthritis, RC renal crisis, RP Raynaud’s phenomenon, SS Sjögren’s syndrome, SSc systemic sclerosis
  2. aThe normal value of gAChR Abs established from healthy individuals was < 1.0 AI
  3. bOther GI manifestations of symptoms included appetite loss, nausea/vomiting, early satiety, and postprandial abdominal pain associated with dysfunction of the upper digestive system