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Table 2 Association analysis of rs2231142, rs10011796 (ABCG2) and rs11942223 (SLC2A9) with serum urate at recruitment (mmol/L) in European and NZ Polynesian controls

From: Pleiotropic effect of the ABCG2 gene in gout: involvement in serum urate levels and progression from hyperuricemia to gout

SNP/alleleCombined sex*Male only*
Nβ mmol/L (SE)PNβ mmol/L (SE)P
 European control13,9820.017 (1.5E03)8.9E−3065140.020 (2.2E03)5.7E−20
 WP control2340.019 (9.2E03)0.0351340.027 (0.011)0.017
 EP control4620.015 (0.012)0.191900.009 (0.023)0.68
Polynesian meta-analysis6960.018 (7.2E−03)0.0143240.024 (0.010)0.019
 European control14,3490.006 (9.2E04)1.7E−1066820.006 (4.7E03)1.5E−06
 WP control2340.006 (8.5E03)0.511340.006 (0.011)0.62
 EP control4620.005 (5.0E03)0.331900.000 (8.1E03)0.99
Polynesian meta-analysis6960.005 (4.3E−03)0.943240.002 (6.6E−03)0.77
 European control14,349 0.024 (1.1E03)8.4E−1066681 0.017 (1.6E03)8.1E−27
 WP control234 0.021 (0.023)0.38134 0.038 (0.038)0.32
 EP control462 0.008 (0.012)0.531900.052 (0.022)0.022
Polynesian meta-analysis^696− 0.011 (0.011)0.633240.012 (0.044)0.78
  1. *European sample set adjusted by age and sex (combined sex only). Polynesian sample sets additionally adjusted by PCs 1–10
  2. ^As the test for heterogeneity between Western Polynesian (WP) and Eastern Polynesian (EP) was significant (p = 0.043), a random effects model was used