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Table 3 Association analysis of rs2231142, rs10011796 (ABCG2) and rs11942223 (SLC2A9) gout risk alleles with the number of self-reported gout flares in the previous year by gout patients

From: Pleiotropic effect of the ABCG2 gene in gout: involvement in serum urate levels and progression from hyperuricemia to gout

SNP/risk alleleNβ (SE)*P
 European gout921− 0.019 (0.479)0.97
 Western Polynesian gout3592.54 (0.965)8.9E−03
 Eastern Polynesian gout4811.69 (1.061)0.11
Polynesian meta-analysis8402.16 (0.714)2.5E−03
 European gout9200.29 (0.396)0.47
 Western Polynesian gout3590.46 (0.982)0.64
 Eastern Polynesian gout481− 1.02 (0.638)0.11
Polynesian meta-analysis840- 0.58 (0.535)0.28
 European gout924− 0.11 (0.596)0.85
 Western Polynesian gout3591.80 (3.122)0.56
 Eastern Polynesian gout4812.53 (1.440)0.080
Polynesian meta-analysis8402.40 (1.308)0.067
  1. *European sample set adjusted by age and sex. Polynesian sample sets additionally adjusted by PCs 1–10