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Table 4 Interaction terms between rs2231142 and rs10011796 in determining risk of gout in European and NZ Polynesian sample sets

From: Pleiotropic effect of the ABCG2 gene in gout: involvement in serum urate levels and progression from hyperuricemia to gout

Sample SetGout vs. All Controls*Gout vs. HU*
NORInteraction (95% CI)PNORInteraction (95% CI)P
European15,5590.61 (0.43–0.88)7.9E-0339560.65 (0.41–1.02)0.062
Western Polynesian6030.62 (0.17–2.11)0.454570.10 (0.01–1.09)0.059
Eastern Polynesian10030.89 (0.25–2.92)0.856551.48 (0.18–8.32)0.67
Polynesian meta-analysis16060.75 (0.31–1.78)0.5111120.54 (0.13–2.32)0.41
  1. *European sample set adjusted by age and sex. Polynesian sample sets additionally adjusted by PCs 1–10