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Table 3 Predictors of flare during pregnancy from multivariable logistic and negative binomial regression analyses

From: Low frequency of flares during pregnancy and post-partum in stable lupus patients

Baseline variableOR (95% CI)*p valueRR (95% CI)**p value
Age at screening (per increase of 1 year)0.92 (0.88–0.97)0.0030.95 (0.91–0.99)0.010
Screening C4 (low vs normal)1.87 (1.08–3.22)0.0241.48 (0.97–2.26)0.068
Screening PGA score (per increase of 0.5)1.48 (1.19–1.84)0.00051.30 (1.10–1.53)0.002
  1. *Based on logistic regression model
  2. **Based on negative binomial regression analysis of multiple flares