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Table 2 Targeted therapies of phase 3 studies in SSc patients

From: An update on targeted therapies in systemic sclerosis based on a systematic review from the last 3 years

Trial drug Target Inclusion criteria Treatment IS Endpoints Duration Results
Nintedanib Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (FGF, VEGF, PDGF) SSc-ILD
 HRCT ≥ 10%
Early (≤ 7 years)
150 mg twice a day Yes Annual rate of decline (FVC)
52 weeks Reduced FVC decline in nintedanib (p = 0.04)
No change in mRSS or SGRQ
Tocilizumab IL-6 Early (≤ 5 years) dcSSc (mRSS ≥ 10) 162 mg sc weekly No mRSS
48 weeks No significant change in mRSS (p = 0.098)
Change in FVC favoured TCZ (p = 0.0015)
  1. IS immunosuppressive treatment, SSc systemic sclerosis, ILD interstitial lung disease, HRCT high-resolution computed tomography, FVC forced vital capacity, SGRQ St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire