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Table 2 Gene ontology and pathway enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes in mechanically stressed cartilage

From: Elucidating mechano-pathology of osteoarthritis: transcriptome-wide differences in mechanically stressed aged human cartilage explants

Term Entry Overlap Adj P-valuea Odds ratio Genes
Cellular senescence hsa04218 8/160 1.15 × 10−2 6.41 GADD45A, MYC, SERPINE1, AKT3, EIF4EBP1, SLC25A5, ETS1, FOXO1
Focal adhesion hsa04510 8/199 1.33 × 10−2 5.15 SHC4, CAV1, ITGA10, AKT3, LAMA3, TNC, COL9A3, TLN2
Insulin-like growth factor II binding GO:0031995 3/7 1.83 × 10−2 54.95 IGFBP5, IGFBP4, IGFBP6
Focal adhesion GO:0005925 11/356 2.54 × 10−2 3.96 ENAH, EHD3, GSN, CAV1, TNC, CD9, TLN2, RPL10A, DCAF6, RHOB, ENG
Insulin-like growth factor I binding GO:0031994 3/13 2.89 × 10−2 29.59 IGFBP5, IGFBP4, IGFBP6
  1. aEnrichr uses a modified Fisher’s exact test to compute enrichment and this is reported as the adjusted P-value [29]. Legend: Adj P-value, adjusted P-value