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Table 3 Modified Mankin score for evaluation of articular cartilage degeneration as described by Henson and Vincent [32]

From: Comparison of properties determined using electromechanical assessment (Arthro-BST™) with macroscopic and histological properties in symptomatic human articular cartilage of the hip




Matrix staining

Tidemark integrity

Score 0

Smooth surface

Normal arrangement

Normal staining

Normal and intact

Normal appearance


Score 1

Roughened surface

Clustering in the superficial layer or loss of cells up to 10%

Slight loss of stain


Single crack or area of delamination


Score 2

Multiple cracks

Disorganization or loss up to 25%

Moderate loss of stain


Moderate delamination


Score 3

Fragmentation in cartilage or severe delamination

Cell rows absent or loss up to 50%

Severe loss of stain


Score 4

Loss of fragments

Very few cells present

No stain present


Score 5

Complete erosion to tidemark


Score 6

Erosion beyond tidemark