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Table 3 Demographics of subjects evaluated with the broad spectrum immune panel

From: Immune cell profiles in synovial fluid after anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus injuries

Broad spectrum panel subject demographics
Sex Age Time from injury Diagnosis Cause of injury
F 22 3 years Meniscus Snowboarding
M 20 23 days ACL+meniscus Soccer
M 32 51 days Meniscus Treadmill running
F 18 52 days ACL Soccer
F 30 6 years Meniscus Non-specific
M 21 455 days ACL Soccer
M 27 91 days ACL “Jumping in a mosh pit”
F 28 53 days ACL Soccer
M 25 38 days ACL Basketball
M 27 37 days ACL+meniscus Frisbee golf