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Table 2 Clinical features and treatments of the patients complicate with NTM infection

From: The clinical features of pulmonary artery involvement in Takayasu arteritis and its relationship with ischemic heart diseases and infection

Case PAI Age, gender Species Type Treatment when infection was diagnosed Maximum PSL dose TAK disease duration (months) at diagnosis of NTM Treatments for NTM
1 Yes 30F M. avium FC PSL 15 mg 60 41 RFP, EB, CAM, SM, and operation
2 Yes 55F M. avium FC PSL 7 mg, TCZ 162 mg s.c./week 40 241 RFP, EB, CAM
3 Yes 31F M. avium FC PSL 5 mg, MTX 8 mg/w, TCZ 8 mg/kg DIV/4 weeks 20 71 RFP, EB, CAM, SM, and operation
4 Yes 72F M. intracellulare NB PSL 2.5 mg 20 592 Observation
5 Yes 42F Not identified NB PSL 12.5 mg 30 69 RFP, EB, CAM
6 No 64F M. intracellulare NB PSL 5 mg 30 33 Observation
  1. PAI pulmonary artery involvement, NTM nontuberculous mycobacteria, PSL predonisolone (mg/day), TAK Takayasu arteritis, F female, M. avium mycobacterium avium, M. intracellulare mycobacterium intracellulare, FC fibrocavitary type, NB nodular/bronchiectatic type, PSL prednisolone, TCZ tocilizumab, MTX methotrexate, s.c subcutaneous infusion, DIV drip infusion in vein, RFP rifampicin, EB ethambutol, CAM clarithromycin, SM streptomycin