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  1. Early diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis (OA) is important in managing this disease, but such an early diagnostic tool is still lacking in clinical practice. The purpose of this study was to develop diagnostic m...

    Authors: Qiuke Wang, Jos Runhaar, Margreet Kloppenburg, Maarten Boers, Johannes W. J. Bijlsma and Sita M. A. Bierma-Zeinstra
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:217
  2. Excessive osteoclast activity, which is strongly stimulated by pro-inflammatory mediators, results in bone and cartilage degeneration as central features of many arthritides. Levels of the alarmin S100A8/A9 an...

    Authors: Irene Di Ceglie, Peter L. E. M. van Lent, Edwin J. W. Geven, Marije I. Koenders, Arjen B. Blom, Thomas Vogl, Johannes Roth and Martijn H. J. van den Bosch
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:216
  3. Failing of intrinsic chondrocyte repair after mechanical stress is known as one of the most important initiators of osteoarthritis. Nonetheless, insight into these early mechano-pathophysiological processes in...

    Authors: Evelyn Houtman, Margo Tuerlings, Janne Riechelman, Eka H. E. D. Suchiman, Robert J. P. van der Wal, Rob G. H. H. Nelissen, Hailiang Mei, Yolande F. M. Ramos, Rodrigo Coutinho de Almeida and Ingrid Meulenbelt
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:215
  4. Our previous studies reveal that CCL18-CCR8 chemokine axis is upregulated in patients of immunoglobulin G4-related disease (IgG4-RD), suggesting that the CCL18–CCR8 axis is implicated in the etiology of IgG4-R...

    Authors: Fumika Honda, Hiroto Tsuboi, Yuko Ono, Saori Abe, Hiroyuki Takahashi, Kiyoaki Ito, Kazunori Yamada, Mitsuhiro Kawano, Yuya Kondo, Kenichi Asano, Masato Tanaka, Marie Malissen, Bernard Malissen, Isao Matsumoto and Takayuki Sumida
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:214
  5. During rheumatoid arthritis (RA), the angiogenic processes, occurring with pannus-formation, may be a therapeutic target. JAK/STAT-pathway may play a role and the aim of this work was to investigate the inhibi...

    Authors: Paola Di Benedetto, Piero Ruscitti, Onorina Berardicurti, Noemi Panzera, Nicolò Grazia, Mauro Di Vito Nolfi, Barbara Di Francesco, Luca Navarini, Antonio Maurizi, Nadia Rucci, Anna Maria Teti, Francesca Zazzeroni, Giuliana Guggino, Francesco Ciccia, Vincenza Dolo, Edoardo Alesse…
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:213
  6. Screening and follow-up of interstitial lung disease associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA-ILD) is a challenge in clinical practice. In fact, the majority of RA-ILD patients are asymptomatic and optimal too...

    Authors: Yukai Wang, Shaoqi Chen, Shaoyu Zheng, Jianqun Lin, Shijian Hu, Jinghua Zhuang, Qisheng Lin, Xuezhen Xie, Kedi Zheng, Weijin Zhang, Guangzhou Du, Guohong Zhang, Anna-Maria Hoffmann-Vold, Marco Matucci-Cerinic and Daniel E. Furst
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:212
  7. Anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) can impact on the efficacy and safety of biologicals, today used to treat several chronic inflammatory conditions. Specific patient groups may be more prone to develop ADAs. Rituxim...

    Authors: Francesca Faustini, Nicky Dunn, Nastya Kharlamova, Malin Ryner, Annette Bruchfeld, Vivianne Malmström, Anna Fogdell-Hahn and Iva Gunnarsson
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:211
  8. First-degree relatives (FDRs) of people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have a fourfold increased risk of developing RA. The Symptoms in Persons At Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis (SPARRA) questionnaire was develo...

    Authors: R. E. Costello, J. H. Humphreys, J. C. Sergeant, M. Haris, F. Stirling, K. Raza, D. van Schaardenburg and Ian N. Bruce
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:210

    The Correction to this article has been published in Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:263

  9. Tea is a popular beverage around the world and has properties that can affect the immune system. The association between tea consumption and the risk of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a chronic autoimmune disease ...

    Authors: Helga Westerlind, Ida Palmqvist, Saedis Saevarsdottir, Lars Alfredsson, Lars Klareskog and Daniela Di Giuseppe
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:209
  10. Trabecular bone texture analysis (TBTA) has been identified as an imaging biomarker that provides information on trabecular bone changes due to knee osteoarthritis (KOA). Consequently, it is important to condu...

    Authors: Ahmad Almhdie-Imjabbar, Pawel Podsiadlo, Richard Ljuhar, Rachid Jennane, Khac-Lan Nguyen, Hechmi Toumi, Simo Saarakkala and Eric Lespessailles
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:208
  11. Clinical research projects often use traditional methods in which data collection and signing informed consent forms rely on patients’ visits to the research institutes. However, during challenging times when ...

    Authors: L. Boekel, F. Hooijberg, E. H. Vogelzang, P. L. Klarenbeek, W. H. Bos, S. W. Tas and G. J. Wolbink
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:207
  12. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). In the present study, we evaluated the inflammatory activity of the ascending aorta in RA patients who received biolog...

    Authors: D. A. M. Thuy Trang, Koichi Okamura, Takahito Suto, Hideo Sakane, Yukio Yonemoto, Takahito Nakajima, Yoshito Tsushima and Hirotaka Chikuda
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:206
  13. Circulating fibrocytes are an important source of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts, which are involved in fibrotic processes, including systemic sclerosis (SSc).

    Authors: Maurizio Cutolo, Emanuele Gotelli, Paola Montagna, Samuele Tardito, Sabrina Paolino, Carmen Pizzorni, Alberto Sulli, Vanessa Smith and Stefano Soldano
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:205
  14. To evaluate the changes in disease-related biomarkers and safety of paquinimod, an oral immunomodulatory compound, in patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc).

    Authors: Roger Hesselstrand, Jörg H. W. Distler, Gabriela Riemekasten, Dirk M. Wuttge, Marie Törngren, Helén C. Nyhlén, Fredrik Andersson, Helena Eriksson, Birgitta Sparre, Helén Tuvesson and Oliver Distler
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:204
  15. Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a heterogeneous systemic autoimmune condition for which there are limited licensed therapies. Clinical trial design is challenging in SLE due at least in part to imperfect...

    Authors: John A. Reynolds, Jennifer Prattley, Nophar Geifman, Mark Lunt, Caroline Gordon and Ian N. Bruce
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:203
  16. Hyperuricemia is a metabolic condition central to gout pathogenesis. Urate exposure primes human monocytes towards a higher capacity to produce and release IL-1β. In this study, we assessed the epigenetic proc...

    Authors: M. Badii, O. I. Gaal, M. C. Cleophas, V. Klück, R. Davar, E. Habibi, S. T. Keating, B. Novakovic, M. M. Helsen, N. Dalbeth, L. K. Stamp, D. Macartney-Coxson, A. J. Phipps-Green, H. G. Stunnenberg, C. A. Dinarello, T. R. Merriman…
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:202
  17. The increased risk of cardiovascular events (CVE) in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is not fully explained by traditional risk factors. Immuno-inflammatory mechanisms and autoantibodies could be involved in the pat...

    Authors: Sofia Ajeganova, Maria L. E. Andersson, Johan Frostegård and Ingiäld Hafström
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:201
  18. Oxylipins are biological lipids that have been implicated in inflammation. We previously found that certain oxylipins correlated with clinical manifestations in psoriatic arthritis (PsA) patients. Here, we com...

    Authors: Roxana Coras, Arthur Kavanaugh, Angela Kluzniak, Dustina Holt, Amy Weilgosz, Armando Aaron, Oswald Quehenberger, Christopher Ritchlin and Monica Guma
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:200
  19. Targeting TNFα is beneficial in many autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis. However, the response to each of the existing TNFα inhibitors (TNFis) can be patient- and/or disease-d...

    Authors: Ching-Huang Ho, Andrea A. Silva, Beverly Tomita, Hui-Ying Weng and I-Cheng Ho
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:199
  20. Interstitial lung disease (ILD) and its rapid progression (RP) are the main contributors to unfavourable outcomes of patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathy (IIM). This study aimed to identify the clini...

    Authors: Junyu Liang, Heng Cao, Yinuo Liu, Bingjue Ye, Yiduo Sun, Yini Ke, Ye He, Bei Xu and Jin Lin
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:198
  21. To compare the efficacy and safety of tofacitinib and baricitinib in patients with RA in a real-world setting.

    Authors: Naoki Iwamoto, Shuntaro Sato, Shota Kurushima, Toru Michitsuji, Shinya Nishihata, Momoko Okamoto, Yoshika Tsuji, Yushiro Endo, Toshimasa Shimizu, Remi Sumiyoshi, Takahisa Suzuki, Akitomo Okada, Tomohiro Koga, Shin-ya Kawashiri, Keita Fujikawa, Takashi Igawa…
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:197
  22. Hypertension occurred in 30–80% of Takayasu arteritis (TAK) patients around the world and the occurrence of hypertension might worsen the disease prognosis. This study aimed to investigate the clinical charact...

    Authors: Sun Ying, Wu Sifan, Wang Yujiao, Chen Rongyi, Huang Qingrong, Ma Lili, Chen Huiyong and Jiang Lindi
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:196
  23. Authors: Hiroto Minamino, Masao Katsushima, Yoshihito Fujita and Motomu Hashimoto
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:195

    The Letter to this article has been published in Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:183

    The Research article to this article has been published in Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:96

  24. Effector memory T cells are pivotal effectors of adaptive immunity with enhanced migration characteristics and are involved in the pathogenesis of ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV). The diversity of effector me...

    Authors: Zhonghua Liao, Jiale Tang, Liying Luo, Shuanglinzi Deng, Lisa Luo, Fangyuan Wang, Xiangning Yuan, Xinyue Hu, Juntao Feng and Xiaozhao Li
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:194
  25. HLA-B27/human β2m transgenic rats (B27-rats) develop an inflammatory disorder resembling spondyloarthritis (SpA) with dysregulated IL-10/IL-17 production by regulatory T cells (Treg). Treg plays a major role i...

    Authors: L. M. Araujo, Q. Jouhault, I. Fert, I. Bouiller, G. Chiocchia and M. Breban
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:193
  26. Anterior uveitis (AU) is the most frequent extra-articular feature of axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA). We aimed to assess and compare the incidence of AU in axSpA patients treated with anti-TNF or anti-IL17A.

    Authors: Damien Roche, Martin Badard, Laurent Boyer, Pierre Lafforgue and Thao Pham
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:192
  27. We sought to examine the disease course of High Disease Activity Status (HDAS) patients and their different disease patterns in a real-world longitudinal cohort. Disease resolution till Lupus Low Disease Activ...

    Authors: Alberta Hoi, Rachel Koelmeyer, Julie Bonin, Ying Sun, Amy Kao, Oliver Gunther, Hieu T. Nim and Eric Morand
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:191
  28. The interleukin-23p19-subunit inhibitor guselkumab effectively treats signs and symptoms of psoriatic arthritis (PsA). We evaluated the effect of guselkumab on fatigue.

    Authors: Proton Rahman, Philip J. Mease, Philip S. Helliwell, Atul Deodhar, Laure Gossec, Arthur Kavanaugh, Alexa P. Kollmeier, Elizabeth C. Hsia, Bei Zhou, Xiwu Lin, May Shawi, Chetan S. Karyekar and Chenglong Han
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:190
  29. The type I interferon (IFN) gene signature is present in a subgroup of patients with early rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Protein levels of IFNα have not been measured in RA and it is unknown whether they associat...

    Authors: Marit Stockfelt, Anna-Carin Lundell, Merete Lund Hetland, Mikkel Østergaard, Till Uhlig, Marte Schrumpf Heiberg, Espen A. Haavardsholm, Michael T. Nurmohamed, Jon Lampa, Dan Nordström, Kim Hørslev Petersen, Bjorn Gudbjornsson, Gerdur Gröndal, Jonathan Aldridge, Kerstin Andersson, Kaj Blennow…
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:189
  30. The risk of severe COVID-19 and its determinants remain largely unknown in patients with autoimmune and inflammatory rheumatic diseases. The objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of COVID-19 inf...

    Authors: Renaud Felten, Marc Scherlinger, Aurélien Guffroy, Vincent Poindron, Alain Meyer, Margherita Giannini, Anne-Sophie Korganow, Christelle Sordet, Emmanuel Chatelus, Rose-Marie Javier, Aurore Meyer, Luc Pijnenburg, Jean-François Kleinmann, Jacques-Eric Gottenberg, Jean Sibilia, Thierry Martin…
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:188
  31. Exercise training, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), improves rheumatoid arthritis (RA) inflammatory disease activity via unclear mechanisms. Because exercise requires skeletal muscle, skeleta...

    Authors: Brian J. Andonian, Andrew Johannemann, Monica J. Hubal, David M. Pober, Alec Koss, William E. Kraus, David B. Bartlett and Kim M. Huffman
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:187
  32. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short single-stranded RNAs that play a role in the post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Their deregulation can be associated with various diseases, such as cancer, neurode...

    Authors: Jana Bohatá, Veronika Horváthová, Markéta Pavlíková and Blanka Stibůrková
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:186
  33. To investigate whether baseline monosodium urate (MSU) burden estimated by ultrasound (US) predicts the achievement of the 2016 remission criteria for gout after 12 months.

    Authors: Edoardo Cipolletta, Jacopo Di Battista, Marco Di Carlo, Andrea Di Matteo, Fausto Salaffi, Walter Grassi and Emilio Filippucci
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:185
  34. The new concept of difficult-to-treat rheumatoid arthritis (D2T RA) refers to RA patients who remain symptomatic after several lines of treatment, resulting in a high patient and economic burden. During a hack...

    Authors: Marianne A. Messelink, Nadia M. T. Roodenrijs, Bram van Es, Cornelia A. R. Hulsbergen-Veelken, Sebastiaan Jong, L. Malin Overmars, Leon C. Reteig, Sander C. Tan, Tjebbe Tauber, Jacob M. van Laar, Paco M. J. Welsing and Saskia Haitjema
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:184
  35. Authors: Reza Rastmanesh
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:183

    The Letter to this article has been published in Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:195

    The Research article to this article has been published in Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:96

  36. Tapering or stopping biological disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs has been proposed for patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in remission, but it frequently results in high rates of recurrence. This st...

    Authors: Sang Youn Jung, Jung Hee Koh, Ki-Jo Kim, Yong-Wook Park, Hyung-In Yang, Sung Jae Choi, Jisoo Lee, Chan-Bum Choi and Wan-Uk Kim
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:182
  37. Clinical data collection requires correct and complete data sets in order to perform correct statistical analysis and draw valid conclusions. While in randomized clinical trials much effort concentrates on dat...

    Authors: Lisa Lindner, Anja Weiß, Andreas Reich, Siegfried Kindler, Frank Behrens, Jürgen Braun, Joachim Listing, Georg Schett, Joachim Sieper, Anja Strangfeld and Anne C. Regierer
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:181
  38. Glucocorticoids (GC) modulate several regulators involved in the pathogenesis of bone changes in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Trabecular bone score (TBS) allows the indirect assessment of bone quality. The aim o...

    Authors: Addolorata Corrado, Cinzia Rotondo, Angiola Mele, Daniela Cici, Nicola Maruotti, Eliana Sanpaolo, Ripalta Colia and Francesco Paolo Cantatore
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:180
  39. Autoreactive B cells are well recognized as key participants in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). However, elucidating the particular subset of B cells in producing anti-dsDNA antibodies ...

    Authors: Kittikorn Wangriatisak, Chokchai Thanadetsuntorn, Thamonwan Krittayapoositpot, Chaniya Leepiyasakulchai, Thanitta Suangtamai, Pintip Ngamjanyaporn, Ladawan Khowawisetsut, Prasong Khaenam, Chavachol Setthaudom, Prapaporn Pisitkun and Patchanee Chootong
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:179
  40. We developed a model to predict remissions in patients treated with biologic disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (bDMARDs) and to identify important clinical features associated with remission using explain...

    Authors: Bon San Koo, Seongho Eun, Kichul Shin, Hyemin Yoon, Chaelin Hong, Do-Hoon Kim, Seokchan Hong, Yong-Gil Kim, Chang-Keun Lee, Bin Yoo and Ji Seon Oh
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:178
  41. To investigate the effects of inhibiting histone deacetylase (HDAC) 6 on inflammatory responses and tissue-destructive functions of fibroblast-like synoviocytes (FLS) in rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

    Authors: Jin Kyun Park, Sehui Shon, Hyun Jung Yoo, Dong-Hyeon Suh, Daekwon Bae, Jieun Shin, Jae Hyun Jun, Nina Ha, Hyeseung Song, Young Il Choi, Thomas Pap and Yeong Wook Song
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:177
  42. To evaluate the effectiveness of bazedoxifene in preventing bone loss in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) receiving low-dose glucocorticoids (GCs).

    Authors: Soo-Kyung Cho, Hyoungyoung Kim, Jiyoung Lee, Eunwoo Nam, Seunghun Lee, Yun Young Choi and Yoon-Kyoung Sung
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:176
  43. Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) is a systemic autoimmune disease characterized by specific vascular and obstetric manifestations and by antiphospholipid antibodies (aPL) positivity. Microvascular damage in the...

    Authors: Giorgia Ferrari, Emanuele Gotelli, Sabrina Paolino, Giampaola Pesce, Luca Nanni, Barbara Maria Colombo, Greta Pacini, Carlotta Schenone, Carmen Pizzorni, Alberto Sulli, Vanessa Smith and Maurizio Cutolo
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:175
  44. Electronic health records (EHRs) offer a wealth of observational data. Machine-learning (ML) methods are efficient at data extraction, capable of processing the information-rich free-text physician notes in EH...

    Authors: T. D. Maarseveen, M. P. Maurits, E. Niemantsverdriet, A. H. M. van der Helm-van Mil, T. W. J. Huizinga and R. Knevel
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:174
  45. The structural and functional changes of the skeletal muscles in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIM) caused by inflammation and immune changes can be severely disabling. The objective of this study was to...

    Authors: Maja Špiritović, Barbora Heřmánková, Sabína Oreská, Hana Štorkánová, Olga Růžičková, Lucia Vernerová, Martin Klein, Kateřina Kubínová, Hana Šmucrová, Adéla Rathouská, Petr Česák, Martin Komarc, Václav Bunc, Karel Pavelka, Ladislav Šenolt, Heřman Mann…
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:173
  46. The pathogenesis of lupus nephritis (LN) remains not fully understood. In this study, we aimed to explore the pathogenic roles of autoantibodies against human renal glomerular endothelial cells (HRGEC) in LN p...

    Authors: Ya-Chiao Hu, I-Jung Tsai, Hui-Yao Hsu, Bor-Luen Chiang and Yao-Hsu Yang
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:171
  47. Early diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis (dcSSc) has the highest case fatality among rheumatic diseases. We report baseline characteristics, current immunosuppressive therapies, progression of skin and inter...

    Authors: Sara Jaafar, Alain Lescoat, Suiyuan Huang, Jessica Gordon, Monique Hinchcliff, Ami A. Shah, Shervin Assassi, Robyn Domsic, Elana J. Bernstein, Virginia Steen, Sabrina Elliott, Faye Hant, Flavia V. Castelino, Victoria K. Shanmugam, Chase Correia, John Varga…
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:170
  48. Pain is a major symptom in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In early RA, pain is usually due to synovitis, but can also persist despite effective anti-inflammatory treatment. The objective of this stud...

    Authors: Anna Eberhard, Stefan Bergman, Thomas Mandl, Tor Olofsson, Maria Rydholm, Lennart Jacobsson and Carl Turesson
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:169
  49. Twenty to thirty percent of psoriasis (Pso) patients will develop psoriatic arthritis (PsA). Detection of Pso patients that are (at risk for) developing PsA is essential to prevent structural damage. We conduc...

    Authors: Michelle L. M. Mulder, Tamara W. van Hal, Mark H. Wenink, Hans J. P. M. Koenen, Frank H. J. van den Hoogen, Elke M. G. J. de Jong, Juul M. P. A. van den Reek and Johanna E. Vriezekolk
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2021 23:168

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