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Call for Papers: Thematic series on Digital Rheumatology

Digital Rheumatology

Guest Editors:
Professor Thomas Hugle (University Hospital Lausanne, Switzerland)
Dr Johannes Knitza (University Hospital Erlangen, Germany)
Dr Martin Krusche (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany)

Digitalisation is transforming medicine, both for patients and physicians. Mobile health including apps, telemedicine and artificial intelligence are entering the field rapidly. This process is fostered by the current pandemic, obviously requiring more autonomy and flexibility of patients and doctors.

Digital transformation in health care notably affects patients with chronic disorders and long, interdisciplinary patient journeys. In rheumatology, most immune-mediated, degenerative or chronic pain disorders are chronic. Thus our patients likely will get in contact with digital solutions and hopefully there will be improved patient care.

This collection is dedicated to the topic Digital Rheumatology. The aim of this series is to collect articles on new digital tools and solutions and to describe their practical use and implementation in rheumatic patient care. 

Subjects are:

  • Digital applications for rheumatic diseases (diagnostic, biomarker, therapeutic)
  • Patient / User experience of digital solutions in rheumatology
  • Artificial intelligence (imaging, predictions, clustering, treatment decision, other)
  • Wearables
  • Connected care programs
  • Cloud analyses
  • Patient/public involvement
  • Virtual consultations Augmented reality
  • Digital recruitment to clinical trials

Deadline for submissions: 15th May 2021

Authors should select the "Digital Rheumatology" option during submission and include a note that it is part of this collection in the cover letter.

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