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National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases


This is a subset of the National%20Institutes%20of%20Health%20(NIH) website from which all institutes can be explored. It has information that is relevant to healthcare providers as well as to researchers in the area of arthritis and related illnesses. NIAMS has both intramural and extramural programs in research on arthritis, muscle, and bone diseases, and skin diseases. In addition to information on ongoing and planned basic, clinical and epidemiologic research, health information is provided.

Links from the front page include:

  • About NIAMS - General information, information about intramural/extramural research programs, organizational/personnel listings, and employment opportunities

  • News & Events - Announcements, agendas for upcoming meetings, news releases, and calendar of events

  • Health Information - Fact sheets, brochures, health statistics, resources, how to order information

  • Scientific Resources - Bibliographies, consensus conference reports, scientific research databases

  • Grants & Contracts - Description of research and research training programs, requests for applications, proposals, and program announcements, policies

  • Clinical Studies - Research protocols, information on clinical research, patient enrollment, results of clinical trials

  • Reports - NIAMS reports and contributions to NIH reports and additional sources of information including links to other Internet resources.


This website is easy to navigate and information was usually current.Although the funding aspect of the site is applicable primarily to Americanresearchers, this website contains much information that is potentiallybeneficial to any investigator in the field of rheumatic diseases.

Other comments

Variable, ranging from 28 April 1999 to 21 January 2000.




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