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Table 3 Selected gene families overexpressed or underexpressed in SLE PBMC

From: Microarray analysis of gene expression in lupus

Gene families overexpressed Examples Gene families underexpressed Examples
IFN target genes See Table 2 Transcription factors TCF3, TCF7
TNF and TNF receptor families TNFSF10 (TRAIL), TNFRSF10C (TRAIL receptor 3), TNFR6 (Fas) Kinases LCK
Chemokines and chemokine receptors CCR7, CXCR2 T cell receptors TCRB, TCRD
Cell surface activation antigens CD69 C-type lectins KLRB1
Fc receptors FCGR1A, FCGR2A   
Metalloproteinases MMP3, MMP9   
Defensins DEFA3, F2RPA   
  1. Genes listed have been identified in microarray studies described in [36, 8, 19].