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Figure 3

From: IgVH genes from different anatomical regions, with different histopathological patterns, of a rheumatoid arthritis patient suggest cyclic re-entry of mature synovial B-cells in the hypermutation process

Figure 3

Histopathology (haematoxylin and eosin) and immunohistochemistry(double staining: indirect immunoperoxidase and alcaline phosphatase in insertof parts a and b) of rheumatoid synovial tissue from three different anatomicallocations of the RA patient. These are as follows: (a) right peronealtendon sheath; (b) left peroneal tendon sheath with inserted figureshowing Ki-M4 positive FDC network (brown) surrounded by CD20+ Blymphocytes (blue), representing a germinal center; and (c) synovialmembrane from the right cubita. Arrows indicate enlarged synovial intima(original magnification 350×).

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