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Table 3 Deposition of IgG and complement factor C3c in knee joints of mice at various times after induction of immune-complex- mediated arthritis

From: FcγR expression on macrophages is related to severity and chronicity of synovial inflammation and cartilage destruction during experimental immune-complex-mediated arthritis (ICA)

  IgG C3c
Mouse strain 6 h 24 h 24 h
FcRγ-/- 128 ± 6 139 ± 4 152 ± 9
C57Bl/6 (control) 126 ± 4 140 ± 9 155 ± 7
  1. IgG and C3c were studied immunohistochemically. Deposition was assessed using an image analyser to measure the mean amount of blue light, as a measure of staining intensity, passing through a defined area in the tissue. Data are means ± SD for six mice. Significance was evaluated using Student's t test.