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Table 1 Polymorphisms in ZFP36 encoding human tristetraprolin

From: The tandem CCCH zinc finger protein tristetraprolin and its relevance to cytokine mRNA turnover and arthritis

Polymorphism Location Base Change Sequence Amino acid change Variant allele frequency in EGP subjects (%) (n = 92) Variant allele frequency in ESTs (%)
ZFP36*1 Promoter 316 C→A CCCCC(C/A)ATCCG   1.8  
ZFP36*2 Promoter 359 A→G CGGTC(A/G)CGGCT   47  
ZFP36*3 Promoter 490 C→A CCGGC(C/A)CCGGC   3.1  
ZFP36*4 Promoter 492 C→T GGCCC(C/T)GGCCC   0.6  
ZFP36*5 Intron 1226 G→A GGGAA(G/A)CCGGG   0.5  
ZFP36*6 Intron 1256 C→G TAAGG(C/G)CTCGG   0.5  
ZFP36*7 PCD (ex.2) 1525 C→T CGGGA(C/T)CCTGG P37→S 0.6a 0/127
ZFP36*8 PCD (ex.2) 1725 C→T TCGCG(C/T)TACAA R103→R 6.2 2/127 (1.6%)
ZFP36*9 PCD (ex.2) 2235 T→C CCCTC(T/C)GTACA S273→S 4.2 1/69 (1.4%)
ZFP36*10 3' UTR 2980 Del TT TTTTT(delTT)GTAAT   7.6 62/249 (26%)
ZFP36*11 PCD (ex.2) 1807 G→T GCCTG(G/T)GCGAG G131→C   5/118 (4.2%)
ZFP36*12 PCD (ex.2) 2112 C→T GCCTT(C/T)TCTGC F232→F   4/97 (4.1%)
ZFP36*13 PCD (ex.2) 2184 C→A AGGGC)CA_ACTCC A256→A   10/94 (11%)
ZFP36*15 PCD (ex.2) 3059 A→C TGCCT(C/T)CCGCT    17/232 (7.3%)
  1. The base numbers correspond to the following GenBank accession numbers: ZFP36 gene, M92844; tristetraprolin cDNA, NM_003407.1; tristetraprolin protein, NP_003398.1. Polymorphism numbering is consistent with that in [52]. Base refers to the base number in the genomic sequence M92844. The polymorphic changes are indicated as follows: A (original base or amino acid) → G (polymorphic base or amino acid), or (A/G) in the sequence column. EGP, Environmental Genome Project; ex. 2, exon 2; PCD, protein coding domain; 3'-UTR, 3'-untranslated region. Table modified from [52]. aThis SNP was also found in 2.4% of subjects from Durham, North Carolina (see the text). The change labeled 'Del TT' refers to the removal of two T residues, changing the normal seven consecutive T residues to five in the variant sequence.