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Figure 2

From: Identification of a SmD3 epitope with a single symmetrical dimethylation of an arginine residue as a specific target of a subpopulation of anti-Sm antibodies

Figure 2

Assay performance characteristics of the anti-SmD3 peptide (SMP) assay. (a) Intra-assay and interassay variability, (b) linearity, and (c) receiver operating characteristic analysis. The intra-assay and interassay variability, expressed as coefficient of variation in percentage (CV%), of three samples ranged from 1.82 to 6.52% and from 2.27 to 7.42%, respectively. Serial dilution series of two samples with high titres of anti-Sm antibodies (S6 and H) exhibited a linear binding response (<20% deviation). Definition of the cutoff, using receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis, was performed with SLE and control sera.

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