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Figure 5

From: Citrullinated proteins have increased immunogenicity and arthritogenicity and their presence in arthritic joints correlates with disease severity

Figure 5

In vitro proliferative responses to rat serum albumin (RSA) and to citrullinated RSA (Cit-RSA). Stronger T cell responses to Cit-RSA (statistically significant) and to RSA (a trend) were observed in animals immunised with Cit-RSA (white bars) than in animals immunised with unmodified RSA (black bars). As previously shown (Fig. 4), the animals immunised with Cit-RSA developed a B cell response to RSA and to Cit-RSA, whereas the animals immunised with RSA did not. The dotted line suggests a hypothetical threshold that it is necessary to reach to induce B cell help and subsequent antibody production. Single cell suspensions were prepared from inguinal lymph nodes 10 days after immunisation, and stimulation index (S.I.) was calculated after 72 hours of culture in the presence of RSA or Cit-RSA (10 μg/ml). Results are means ± SD (n = 7 animals per group), representative of two replicate experiments. *P < 0.05.

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