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Table 4 Drug-related skin eruptions in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) given TNF-α-blocking therapy

From: Dermatological conditions during TNF-α-blocking therapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a prospective study

Patient no. Age (yr) Sex Druga Route Type of eruption Clinical description Localization Time to event (mo) Biopsy Comedicationb Therapy Rechallenge Permanent withdrawal of anti-TNF-α Course
1 62 f A i.v. Eczematous Erythematosquamous plaques and papules Neck/ axillary/ legs 4.5 Yes naproxen Local positive No Recurring
2 71 m A i.v. Exanthematous lichenoid Maculopapular exanthema Generalized 0.7 Yes prednisolone, naproxen, paracetamol Local positive Yes Recovery
3 77 m E s.c. Exanthematous Macular exanthema Generalized 6.8 Yes prednisolone, naproxen, omeprazole Local positive No Recurring
4 67 m E s.c. Lichenoid Macular exanthema, purpura Generalized 1.5 Yes diclofenac, omeprazole, triamterene, furosemide, candesartan Topical, systemic No Yes Recovery
5 69 f I i.v. Eczematous Erythematous plaque Right cheek 0.1 Yes MTX, pantoprazole, atenolol, calcium, hydrochlorothiazide Topical positive No Recurring
6 88 f I i.v. Eczematous urticarial Erythematosquamous macula, purpura Lower arms/legs 3.9 Yes leflunomide, carbasalate calcium, omeprazole, furosemide, simvastatin, paracetamol Topical No Yes Recovery
7 68 f I i.v. Eczematous urticarial Erythematosquamous plaques, urticaria, excoriations, lichenification, purpura Generalized 10.3 No AZA, furosemide, oxazepam, enalapril, spironolactone, metoprolol, flixotide, formoterol Topical, systemic negative No Recovery
8 60 f I i.v. Exanthematous Stippled exanthema Generalized 0.5 Yes naproxen, omeprazole Topical No Yes Recovery
9 53 f I i.v. Exanthematous Exanthema Upper arms/legs 0.2 No indomethacin Topical positive No Recurring
10 73 f I i.v. Exanthematous, with purpura Exanthema, purpura Lower legs 18.8 No MTX, folic acid, prednisolone, morphine, loperamide, latanoprost Topical No Yes Recovery
11 70 f I i.v. Exanthematous urticarial Exanthema, urticaria Arms/ trunk 16.6 Yes leflunomide None positive No Recurring
12 35 f I i.v. Exanthematous urticarial, with purpura Macular exanthema, uricaria, purpura Trunk/ axillary/ groins 1.9 Yes none Topical - Yes Recovery
13 58 f I i.v. Lichenoid Erythema, hyperpigmentation, atrophy Upper legs 15.5 Yes leflunomide, meloxicam, metoclopramide, acenocoumarol, digoxin None No Yes Recovery
14 58 f L i.v. Exanthematous Papular exanthema Generalized 0.4 Yes none Topical positive No Recurring
15 68 m L i.v. Exanthematous lichenoid Maculopapular exanthema Generalized 1.7 Yes prednisolone, paracetamol Topical negative No Recovery
  1. Events numbers 5 and 11 occurred in the same patient, as did events numbers 2, 3, and 15. aA, adalimumab; Age = age ar event; I, infliximab; E, etanercept; L, lenercept. bMTX, methotrexate; AZA, azathioprine. f, female; i.v., intravenous; m, male; s.c., subcutaneous.