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Table 2 Variance component analysis of FS1-OA variation in Chuvashian pedigrees

From: Association of ENPP1gene polymorphisms with hand osteoarthritis in a Chuvasha population

Parameter Estimate ± SE
Regression coefficients  
αm 0.0000a
αf 0.0633 ± 0.0294
   Age effect  
β1m 0.0519 ± 0.0011
β1f 0.0519b
   Stature effect  
β2m [0]
β2f [0]
   Body weight effect  
β3m [0]
β3f [0]
Variance components  
VAD 0.0654 ± 0.0208 (24.43%)
VSP 0.0355 ± 0.0176 (13.26%)
VHS [0]
VSB [0]
VRS 0.1668 ± 0.0219 (62.31%)
LRT c  
χ2 9.88
df 7
P 0.84
  1. Parameter estimates and corresponding asymptotic standard errors (SEs) are provided for the best fitting and most parsimonious genetic model. [ ] Parameter was fixed at the indicated value. αm and αf are sex-specific intercepts (m, males; f, females). βm and βf are sex-specific slopes. aParameter estimate reached the boundary. bParameter was fixed to be equal to the previous. cLRT for comparison of the most parsimonious and general model where all parameters were estimated. df, degrees of freedom; FS1-OA, first factor score obtained from principal component analysis of OA; LRT, likelihood ratio test; V, variation, due to additive genetic effect (VAD) or to common environment shared by parents (VSP), by siblings (VSB), or by all members of nuclear pedigrees/household (VHS).